Tuesday, August 3, 2010

dont run from Robbers !!!!!

[14:28] Pawel Ziplon looks around a little suspiciously and wears the prettiest smile he can afford "ahoy, fair ladies! could that be that me and my blessed wife find any help in here? we be lookin fer a doc...."
[14:29] Snapper Hollak turns looking at the couple stepping back as was her way now when she saw strangers
[14:29] Mahilwen Mistwalker raised an eyebrow as she turned around to the ones that just came in, she grinned softly as she overlooked the two, pondering herself why He was wearing killers caste clothes , she then shrugged slightly '' Tal Sir, Lady'' she said and gived them a soft smile '' How can I help You?''

[14:30] Maggie Firebrand smiles sweetly, letting Guido do the talking for the moment, keeping a step behind him. Her hands thread together behind her back

[14:31] Pawel Ziplon chuckles "aye... we could use some help, she'd been unwell as of late and ye see, that be a trouble when we travel so much..." says, his face expressing some concern "will ye be available for a visit? we have some paga to pay ye with..."

[14:33] Marie Grantham slips to her knees near the wall at the entrance, as she catches sight of many free at the front entrance and stays quiet, biting her lip
[14:33] Mahilwen Mistwalker ponderd a moment about it as she rose up her hand to her chin and cupped it slightly thinking it over '' Well I do not drink paga, but I a sure that the man would love to drink that Sir'' she then turns her attention to the Lady '' What are your symptones?'' as she then sees Marie and gestures her near her
[14:34] Marie Grantham catches sight of the Mistress beckoning and obeys, trying to keep the bottoms of her camisk flying about as she tiptoes over the earthern floor
[14:35] Marie Grantham smiles weakly as she keeps her eyes low to the hem of the Mistress's dress while she converses
[14:35] Reese Paster: Tal everyone

[14:36] Maggie Firebrand takes a step around Guido to take his side, holding her hand over her lower midsection area. "I've been very ill lately, but not all day. Only in the mornings, and since it is not morning, I feel quite well now. However, when I am not well, it is terrible. I can hold nothing down."

[14:36] Snapper Hollak mumbles a Tal to the Lady that came to what looked to her like an enterance and exit to somewhere
[14:37] Marie Grantham smiles as the coming of the other Mistress, keeping her eyes low to the ground and staying quiet as she doesn't have permission to greet and nestles quietly on her heels
[14:37] Pawel Ziplon nods to the incoming girl and tries desperately to hold his face still at Maggie's made up explanation, scratching his nose to cover his face at least a littl
[14:37] Pawel Ziplon: little*
[14:37] Mahilwen Mistwalker smiles warmly at Marie as she ruffles her hair a little with her fingers, she then looked to snaps '' You use pagahmm?'' as she then rose her hand up to Reese and wiggled her fingers to her while she nodded to Maggie ponderd a moment '' Hmm any swollen parts of Your body Lady? like swollen ankles or fingers maybe?''
[14:38] Marie Grantham muffles a giggle, enjoying the Mistress's kind touch
[14:38] Maggie Firebrand thinks on that a moment, nibbling her lower lip. "No, nothing like that though," she peers up at Guido, "you've had a good deal of swelling lately. Could that be related?"
[14:38] Snapper Hollak looks at Mahi over her veil eyes as big as wagon wheels " Me , " shaking her head " Noooo I drink nothing stronger then water
[14:39] Snapper Hollak thought for a minute "OHHh but I bet if you traded it to the Paga Traven in Minus he would give you a pretty copper or two for it
[14:40] Mahilwen Mistwalker chuckles softly as she wnked to snaps '' Maybe we need to change that then hmm?'' as she then slowly caress the hair of Marie again and looked her a momenrt over '' where is Your Master dear?'' as she then looked up to Reese '' I hope You are well lady?'' she grinned slightly at the answer to Maggie '' I think a blood test will be the answer on that Lady and Sir, don't You think?''
[14:40] Pawel Ziplon chuckles "hmm, aye, but you threw up in the face of that baker yesterday, and your constant headaches drive me crazy..." blinks "so I want ye to see the docter and here we are... so no more complaining and let's get ye examined.." tilts his head at Mahi, as if expecting her to invite them to her offices
[14:41] Marie Grantham whispers to the Mistress, again enjoying her touch of recognition "Mistress is away today, this girl was told to do her chores or be punished while she is gone, Mistress"
[14:41] Snapper Hollak shakes her head " humm no nothing but water for me

[14:41] Daren Blackadder yawns and stretches,,,"tal free"
[14:42] Snapper Hollak turns swiftly in the direction of the mans voice almost tripping over Mahi " Ohh

[14:43] Marie Grantham smiles, seeing the boots of the Tavern keeper come out of his office to great those gathered at the entrance, but keeps her eyes low and her lips still, adjusting her camisk a bit to cover whatever she can with its sparse fabric
[14:43] Mahilwen Mistwalker chuckles as she looked to Marie '' If You want to do Your chores then go, but if You wanna stay around, for me aswell fine dear'' as she then turned around and sees Daren '' Tal Sir'' she didn't jumped or anything like she was used to getting almost sneaked behind, and grinned and poked Snaps and laughs, and nodded to Guido and Maggy '' Well let's go to my infirmery then hmm?''

[14:44] Pawel Ziplon passes a quick glance over the man "Tal, and ahoys, good man!" smiles and follows the Green, pulling Maggie's sleeve to follow as well
[14:44] Marie Grantham giggles "yes Mistress, thank you Mistress" and stays nestled on her knees, keeping quiet until she is called
[14:44] Maggie Firebrand glances up at Guido and nods agreeably. "Yes, I should hope you can fix this straight away. It is utter misery, being in such a condition." She nods her greeting at Daren, then is yanked sideways.
[14:44] Daren Blackadder nods,,welcome to traders Isle,,

[14:45] Snapper Hollak looks around seeing that Mahi had left her behind looks at the man giving him a fast thank you and trails after Mahi as fast as she could

[14:45] Daren Blackadder trudges off towards the tavern yawning,,mumbling soemthing about black wine,,
[14:45] Mahilwen Mistwalker smiled softly as she let the two inside of her infirmery 'Welcome to my ifirmery Sir and Lady'' she then walked to the washing counter and slowly she starts to wash her hands '' Tell me more about your symptones Lady?''
[14:47] Snapper Hollak smiles under her veil " Ha I remembered where it was

[14:49] Maggie Firebrand steps into the room, looking around with wide eyes. "Well.." she starts slowly, "I think it's mostly just feeling sick, in the mornings, oh!" She puts a finger in the air in sudden revelation, "my teeth also ache."
[14:49] Mahilwen Mistwalker grinned softly as she hears Snaps coming in '' Yes You did dear'' as she slowly started to scrub her hand with a bar of soap, she then layed her hands into the water and washed it off, taking a clean rep cloth and slowly started to dry them, and tossed the rep cloth aside, and turned around to the three as she looked at the and raised an eyebrow '' Your teeth ache? that is someting new for me''
[14:50] Pawel Ziplon chuckles and elbows Maggie "and the swelling in the morning, you shoes won't fit, remember?"
[14:51] Maggie Firebrand falls a little sideways from Guido's nudge. "Oh yes, that too. I've given up completely, the wearing of shoes. I just go barefoot now."

[14:52] Pawel Ziplon raises his finger "see? I have to take care of ye at all times..." says, trying to be serious

[14:53] Mahilwen Mistwalker chuckles softly as she tried to look under the Ladies dress, wondering if she really was barefoot '' Maybe You need only some vitamins, that will help Your teeth ache, or some honey, that will heal all what is inside of You''
[14:55] Mahilwen Mistwalker walked a little closer to them and sighed softly, she was used to strangers though she was always carefull for anything that might happen with her, she then pointed to the bed '' If You take a seat please Lady, I can take some blood from You, to do a test on You''
[14:56] Maggie Firebrand clasps her hands together in front of her, leaning up to look at Guido with adoration on her face. "You do, you take such good care of me.." As she moves her skirts swish, revealing two well-manicured, bare feet. When addressed she rights herself and heads towards the indicated bed, calmly swinging herself up to have a seat.
[14:57] Pawel Ziplon smiles graciously at the healer and walks over to the other woman "ah, I cannot really watch the bloodletting, makes me feel like fainting, how about you?" says with a gentle smile on his face
[14:58] Mahilwen Mistwalker smiles softly as she turns around and walked slowly to one of the closets, her hands opening a draw as she bends a little forward, taking out a syringe, and a piece of fabric, and then slowly walked to the Lady '' Just roll Up your sleeve for me please?''
[14:58] Snapper Hollak looks up at the man " Ohh Tal
[14:59] Maggie Firebrand holds out her arm obligingly, beginning to pull back the loose sleeves of her gown, however, more than just bare skin is revealed, but also a dagger, which she swiftly grips and, with the extended arm, she tries to grab the womans ponytail and hold the knife at her throat. "Do be still and quiet. As my love says, bloodletting makes him dizzy so let's not make it necessary, hm?"
[15:00] Maggie Firebrand slips a wicked dagger from its sheath, readying it with a sweet, deceptive smile.
[15:00] Pawel Ziplon chuckles "yes, we don't like bloodletting, and that is why I think it's best if you do exactly what we ask, so that it can be avoided.. rule number one, no screaming, alright?" says in a calm voice, as his blade is drawn and pointed at her
[15:00] Pawel Ziplon draws his sword smoothly with a clever grin on his face
[15:00] Snapper Hollak smiles under her veil knowing he could not see thinking it funny that a man would have a weak stomach at the sight of blood "
[15:00] Snapper Hollak backs away "

[15:00] GM 3.3: Pawel Ziplon Has Captured Snapper Hollak!
[15:02] Mahilwen Mistwalker swallowed softly as she sees the woman grabbing the dagger, she stayed in silece, as she then looked over to Snapps with worries in her eyes, and then back and nodded to the Lady infront of her, while she felt the hand on her ponytail
[15:02] Pawel Ziplon sighs "ahh, my heart is broken... why did it have to come to this?" asks rhetorically, while looking at the green and takes out a gag to put in unconscious woman's mouth
[15:02] Pawel Ziplon quickly proceeds to tie her hand, minding Mag's progress with the green
[15:03] Pawel Ziplon: quickly takes a piece of cord out, wrapping it around her wrists and fastening with a solid, sailor's knot
[15:03] Maggie Firebrand slides off the table, careful not to cut the woman. "Thank you for being sensible. Now. Valuables please, including medicines that may be of value. Your friend was not sensible, and you see what happened. Let's not repeat it."
[15:03] Pawel Ziplon: carries on immobilising the fallen foe, tangling the wrists in a cross-tied knot and ensuring it holds well enough
[15:03] Pawel Ziplon: uses another piece of his thick cord to merge the wrist and the ankle bonds together, forcing the body to arch back in an uncomfortable manner as it's done and passing his victim a nasty grin
[15:04] Mahilwen Mistwalker nodded in silence to the woman as she slowly turns around and pointed to the infirmery closet '' There is all You need Lady'' she saod softly almost in whisper to her
[15:05] Pawel Ziplon whistles to himself as he searches through the woman's robes, not omitting the feminine parts as his hands wander in search of any hidden valuables and jewelry
[15:06] Maggie Firebrand keeps her eyes on the doctor until Guido can come to take over. Once he nears, she reaches the hand grasping her hair towards him, though gently, as though handing over a leash. "Be a darling and take this so I can search."
[15:07] Pawel Ziplon chuckles "have a look at the containers... we need recipes and venoms..." smiles "good doctor.. will ye help so that we can leave ye in peace quickly?"
[15:07] Maggie Firebrand: ((Gahhh sorry!!)
[15:08] Mahilwen Mistwalker grumbling softy as she feels her hair being grasping her hair and rolled her eyes '' Why would I help You quietly out Sir?'' as she then pointed once more the closet '' There is anything You need Sir and Lady, just take and leave''
[15:08] Maggie Firebrand moves away, heading for the indicated closet, removing everything that looks like it may be of value. She thumbs through loose papers as well, and if the doctor has any poisons and recipes, she'll take them and secret them away into a pouch on her belt.
[15:08] Mahilwen Mistwalker: No worries)

[15:09] Maggie Firebrand slips a wicked dagger from its sheath, readying it with a sweet, deceptive smile.
[15:10] Pawel Ziplon nods "aye, there be one thing, I may have to restrain ye... just fer the purpose of ensuring yer continued cooperation, alrite?" mutters with truly evil eyes fixed on her
[15:10] Snapper Hollak starts to come to feeling something in her mouth she tries to reach up and take it out discovering that her hands are immoble she tries to blurt out insults but nothing comes out that one could understand ' Bowytthlalkthiohghngoai,, theithdhie tgtheh s gneikdhtheeknre " all she could see were feet
[15:11] Mahilwen Mistwalker rolled her eyes slightly with an evil grin on her face to Him '' do what You wish Sir'' she then looked over to the woman that was waking around her infirmery, pondering what she was searching for '' Can't You find the supples dear?'' she said in a bit sarcastic way
[15:11] Maggie Firebrand swishes past Snapper, showing off her very cute feet indeed, while she searches the other side of the room, again pocketing anything that looks valuable, including any coins she might find. "I think we have what we came for, my dear. Do finish what you're doing so we can be off and trouble these nice ladies no more."
[15:12] Pawel Ziplon prods her with the tip of his sword and smiles encouragingly "let's not waste a minute then!" smiles and reaches out with the rope "may I... erm... ask fer yer wrists, please?"
[15:13] Mahilwen Mistwalker grunted softly as she overlooked at Him and slowly she reached out her wrists, and shrugged slightly '' Of course Sir'' she knew she had better to cooperate in this before it could be any worser then is
[15:15] Pawel Ziplon nods "how impressive! shows yer truly educated and well traveled miss..." compliments her as he ties up her wrists roughly, tightening the binds "please open yer mouth and say "aaaa" now..."
[15:16] Mahilwen Mistwalker shook her head lightly and sighed softly '' Well I have been through alot Sir, So I know how to act Hmm?'' she then grinned and shutted her mouth and shook no with her head to Him

[15:16] Pawel Ziplon giggles and puts a gag in her mouth "well, prying these open surely won't make ye feel any better... second chance for Guido, please?"
[15:17] Maggie Firebrand keeps her eye on the bound captive, making sure she doesn't try anything silly, then glances back at Guido, looking a little impatient. "Come, darling, before someone gets curious."
[15:17] Mahilwen Mistwalker sighed softly as she feels the ga g against her lips and shook once more no, she holded wisely her lip tight together as she looked then to the Lady and nodded in agreement with her
[15:17] Pawel Ziplon sighs and nods, suddenly smacking the doctor's head with the back of his fist, in hope to render her uncinscious
[15:18] Mahilwen Mistwalker grumbles as she felt on the ground as she did nort expect to have a smack on her head, You could hear the sound of someone falling on the ground clearly as the wooden planks cracked under body
[15:18] Pawel Ziplon: "let's go darling, time is money..." chuckles and follows Maggie to the exit
[15:19] Snapper Hollak blurts out again a volley of uncoherent words " tbymbmemboubemmbmeboubemb
[15:19] Maggie Firebrand hurries for the door and down the ramps.

[15:20] Mahilwen Mistwalker slowly awakes as she felt the bump on her head, she shook her head lightly as she looked to Snaps '' God damn Pirates!'' she almost wanted to yell out, she then slowly stands up, feeling a little dizzy

[15:21] Mahilwen Mistwalker walked to Snapps and grumbled softly as she leaned down with her tied wrists and helped her somehow up '' There Ya go dear, and sorry that I putted You into This mess''

[15:22] Snapper Hollak looks at Mahi's feet " Bmbouremboueruienantehghehebdienge bienge
[15:23] Mahilwen Mistwalker grumbled softly and leaned more down to her her fingers pulling onto her dress '' Work with me Snapps, You gotta stand up''
[15:24] Snapper Hollak manages to get up on her knees
[15:26] Mahilwen Mistwalker grinned softly at her as she saw her on her knees and teased her '' Looking for a new profession dear?''
[15:27] Snapper Hollak looks at Mahi glareing at her friend if she didnt have the gag in her mouth she would problary laugh and punch her arm
[15:28] Mahilwen Mistwalker chuckles softly to her '' Just teasing You dear, well let me look if I can find some here to help us out alright, stay on your knees'' she chuckles softly to her '' I wil be right back''
[15:29] Snapper Hollak starts mumbling trying to tell Mahi that she still had her dagger Mumbleing and moving her head " sighs " watching as Mahi leaves out the door
[15:29] Mahilwen Mistwalker grumbled softly as she yelled out '' Can someone help us here?''
[15:30] Mahilwen Mistwalker reached out her hands with the rope around her wrists as she looked at Daved '' Darn Pirates!''
[15:30] Daved Calderwood looks at Mahi and asks "you ok ?"
[15:31] Daved Calderwood takes out his dagger and slices her binds ....
[15:31] Daved Calderwood sheathing the dagger he says "aye all the more reason I am not too crazy now about you being here "
[15:31] Mahilwen Mistwalker rubbed her wrists slightly as she turned back to the door '' PLerase Daved come, Snaps lays in there too, tied up totally, and gaged''
[15:31] Snapper Hollak starts trying to scream with the gag in her mouth "
[15:32] Daved Calderwood looks up at Mahi and asks "you brought her here ?"
[15:32] Mahilwen Mistwalker raised an eyebrow to Him '' Daved You took me here remember, why Youare not crazy about that I am here'' she then looked to Snaps and looked back up and nodded '' Yes, we are still friends Daved'
[15:32] Snapper Hollak looks up as Mahi and Daved come through the door
[15:33] Daved Calderwood: "this is a shame ...i will have to end her existence then ..."
[15:33] Mahilwen Mistwalker her eyes widen '' What? why?''
[15:33] Snapper Hollak looks up glareing trying to spit the gag out of her mouth
[15:33] Daved Calderwood shrugs "wel because by now Treve red caste wil be looking for her ..."
[15:34] Daved Calderwood: "wont do to have those sons of whores here ..."

[15:34] Mahilwen Mistwalker sighed softly to Daved 'Well just cut her loose Daved Or I will, she will not say anything at all there, as she is my friend''
[15:34] Daved Calderwood scratches his chin "I COULD forgo killing her though ...."
[15:35] Daved Calderwood: "...maybe sel her to panthers maybe ?"
[15:35] Mahilwen Mistwalker: '' Daved!'' she grumbled at Him '' You would not do that!'' she then leaned down to Snapps and pulled carefully the ga g out of her mouth
[15:35] Snapper Hollak glares mumbleing

[15:36] Daved Calderwood arches an eyebrow "oh yes take the gag out of that blabber mouth so we all can here "
[15:36] Daved Calderwood: hear *

[15:36] Snapper Hollak move's her mouth around from the gag being stuck so long in there looking up at Daved " All right you want to end my life or sell me to the panther's I got something I want to ask first
[15:36] Daved Calderwood: "Lady i will release on ONE condition "
[15:37] Daved Calderwood: you on one condition *
[15:37] Snapper Hollak " whats that
[15:37] Mahilwen Mistwalker sighed softly to Him and shook her head lightly as she looked at Daved, she didn't knew Him like this, He was always nice to her, it was almost He liked to her or even maybe loved her, she grinned of that thought
[15:37] Daved Calderwood: "I want all tactical data concerning Treve "
[15:38] Snapper Hollak bust out laughing " humm you want the times of the FW tea parties is that what your telling me
[15:38] Daved Calderwood: ?me looks up at Lady Mahi "I DONT want her released , you understand ? I want her gagged and stored ."
[15:39] Daved Calderwood: "If you have to use drugs to incapacitate her so be it "
[15:39] Mahilwen Mistwalker swallowed softly as she looked at Daved '' Erm.. Daved she is my friend...and You aks me to do that to her?'' she sighed as she looked down to snaps a moment
[15:39] Snapper Hollak looks up " stored Im not a bag of beans to be placed in a closet
[15:40] Daved Calderwood frowns at Mahi and says "I MEAN it "
[15:40] Daved Calderwood looks back at Snapper "I will deal with you later woman "
[15:41] Snapper Hollak " looks at Mahi " is he going to leave me tied up here like this
[15:41] Mahilwen Mistwalker swallowed even more and nodded as she knew He was after al a killer she leaned down to snapps '' Erm.. Sorry SNapps, but I won't.. gag You''

[15:42] Mahilwen Mistwalker sighs softly as she slowly walke infront of snaps and slowly she layed her hands on her shoulder and pushed her against the wall '' Well You can sit normally now I guess'she then grumbled softly at Daved '' Darn killers!''

[15:47] Snapper Hollak nods to Mahi
[15:47] Mahilwen Mistwalker sighed softly and looked to snapps she shrugged softly and she yelled out '' Some day I am gonna hunt those killers myself!''
[15:48] Mahilwen Mistwalker then slowly leaned down and took a seat on the ground '' I Guess I am gonna keep You company right? Darn Snaps I can't do a thing here, Daved will kill me''

[15:51] Snapper Hollak starts squirmeing around " I know Mahi Im not mad at you but ohh boy I know what they are going to do when they find out about this in Treve
[15:52] Snapper Hollak " Im going to get whipped
[15:52] Mahilwen Mistwalker nodded slightly to her '' Yes... I know that snaps, and then I would be in trouble too'' as she raised an eyebrow to her 'whipped why?''
[15:53] Snapper Hollak feels her bladder growing squimring more " cause I left without an escort " Ohh I got to go tinkle Mahi

[15:54] Mahilwen Mistwalker smiled softly to her '' Just tell them You I asked You with me Snaps, that I brought You in this trouble'' she sighed and her eyes widen '' What? You need to go potty?''

[15:54] Snapper Hollak nods " yes ,, but they are not going to listen to me
[15:55] Snapper Hollak squirms " Malcomb is my protector and he is going to be furious at me
[15:55] Mahilwen Mistwalker sighs softly '' Just tell them I will accept the punishment for that'' she swallowed softly at her '' Oh dear Mal? Oh god.. I am dead meat''
[15:58] Snapper Hollak looks at Mahi with a little sheepish grin garthering up all the air she could in her lungs she Sings as loud as she can to an off tune key
[15:59] Mahilwen Mistwalker looked down to her as she saw the sheepish grin around her lips wondering what she was going to o
[15:59] Mahilwen Mistwalker: do
[16:03] Mahilwen Mistwalker grumbled more as she hears snapper sing and yelped out '' Oh.. Noooo Your not gonna weee in my infirmery!!!!''

[16:03] Snapper Hollak gathers air in her lungs again ready to sing some more
[16:04] Snapper Hollak ' I WANT TO GO WEE WEE PLEASE LET ME GO WEEweeee " stops as the door opens and Daved walks back in
[16:04] Daved Calderwood walks in more angrier than when he left and says "I have decided , she will go to the Clan of Torturers "

[16:05] Snapper Hollak looks at him " for what
[16:05] Mahilwen Mistwalker fast stands up as she sees Daved returns '' Erm...'' and swallowed softly and her eyes widen '' The clan of the tortures? You mean...You mean?'' she said as she wanted to say Brocks name loudly but she could not say because of Him
[16:06] Snapper Hollak looks at Daved " so your going to have me torutred for what
[16:06] Daved Calderwood: "Its the only way else we have to move from here "

[16:07] Snapper Hollak looks at him " why would I tell
[16:07] Daved Calderwood looks at her and says "because you are a bitch ?"
[16:07] Mahilwen Mistwalker sighed softly and shook her head '' If You mean that place, I was with You last time.... Oh dear'' she grumbled even more about it as she knew Brock was not the nicest of the tortures
[16:08] Snapper Hollak " Man I have so many secerets that have been told to me that I have forgotten I was taught to be loyal to my friends and Mahi is my friend and what is a bitch
[16:09] Daved Calderwood nods and says "Then tell me those secrets woman and be fast because I am already leaning toward having your tounge ripped out "
[16:09] Snapper Hollak looks to Mahi " Mahi what is a bitch
[16:09] Daved Calderwood: "Its a disagreeable woman , now speak your secrets or be silent forever "
[16:10] Snapper Hollak frowns " Im not disagreeable "shurgs " well I dont agree with everything is that what that means
[16:10] Mahilwen Mistwalker thought a moment about it and sayd softly '' A little gorean bunny that hops around with her tail?'' as she then swallowed more as she saw daved in this kind of state, she was never scared for Him, but now He putted her in a situation, that would get her killed if she didn't do what He said

[16:11] Daved Calderwood looks at Snapper and pulls his dagger saying "speak woman ...I grow tired of your delay ..."
[16:12] Snapper Hollak frowns shakeing her head " I dont know what you want from me Truely Daved I dont
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[16:12] Daved Calderwood: "you said you had secrets and i want them , what is the number of Treve's Warriors ? how many defend the city at any given time where is the sewer access point to Treve ?"
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[16:15] Snapper Hollak sighs looking at him " Alright if your going to cut my tongue out but first I got to ask Ive been wanting to ask this all day " if your hired to kill a virgin man do you let him get him some furring before you slince his last breath and if its a fw that tells you she is a virgin do you check her first to see if she is and if so how do you do that , and I dont know how many treve warriors we have I dont count them and I sure as heck dont know where the crap warter is so if your going to cut my tongue then here cut it " sticks her tongue out for him
[16:17] Mahilwen Mistwalker bit her lip a little as the slaved always here doing as the were scared, her emerald eyes look up to Daved and then to snapper '' Damnit Daved, You can't cut her tongue off'' she sighed softly thinking about it
[16:17] Daved Calderwood glares at her and says to Mahi "say goodbye to your friend , she is about to die " as he get nearer her to her the blade of his dagger glittering as he gets closer ...
[16:18] Snapper Hollak looks at him " well I guess I know now a virgin dies virgin " sighs "
[16:18] Mahilwen Mistwalker her eyes widen and looked with fear into her eyes '' Daved... ! no You can't do that, she.. she is my friend'' she turned then away from Him '' You really want me to hate You hmm?''
[16:19] Snapper Hollak raises a brow " ok who paid you
[16:19] Snapper Hollak " you have to tell me who paid you to kill me "
[16:20] Daved Calderwood: "no one did , do you think my blade stays in its sheath only for pay ? I CAN kill for other reasons if they are warranted ."
[16:21] Snapper Hollak looks up at Miha turning back to Daved " then so you say this is warranted , Man I do not even know where the heck Iam really
[16:22] Snapper Hollak squirms around " I really do got to go pee
[16:24] Mahilwen Mistwalker grumbled softly as she stepped before snaps '' Your not gonna kill her Daved as she is my friend'' she then grabbed some golden coin out of her pocket '' Take this from me ''
[16:24] Daved Calderwood takes the coin and looks at Mahi , he says "wel since no contract was in place for her .....are you sure she is worth the coin, Mahi ?"
[16:25] Mahilwen Mistwalker nodded slightly to Him as she looked at him with some anger in her eyes '' Yes she is worth that coin Daved''
[16:26] Daved Calderwood leaned down and cuts the binds of Snapper saying "you are fortunate your firend values you so much ..."

[16:28] Daved Calderwood sheaths his blade and says to Mahi "this might be a mistake , but she is your friend and you have paid me coin .."
[16:29] Mahilwen Mistwalker shrugged slightly to Him and sighed '' This is not a Mistake Daved, I know snaps very well, she will hold her tongue''
[16:29] Daved Calderwood: "as you wish ..."

[16:30] Dreegan Fang bowed his head to the Killer.. "Tal, Killer."
[16:30] Daved Calderwood: Tal , follow me

[16:31] Daved Calderwood: "that woman in red , make sure she is on a boat out of here "
[16:31] Dreegan Fang nodded his head. "It will be done."
[16:31] Daved Calderwood: "Then i want you to meet me in Thentis
[16:32] Mahilwen Mistwalker took a deep breath of relieve as she finally sees her friend free '' I am so sorry Snapper''
[16:33] Dreegan Fang leaned up against the wall outside the Infirmary. Staying quiet and waiting patiently.
[16:33] Snapper Hollak hugs Mahi " its alright you didnt know what was going to happen , if I had not run from those stupid robbiers none of this would have happend
[16:34] Mahilwen Mistwalker nodded slightly to her and hugs her back '' I know.. I really didn't knew sweety''
[16:35] Mahilwen Mistwalker smiles '' come on Snapps, we get You back''
[16:36] Dreegan Fang bowed his head to the woman in green. "Lady."
[16:36] Mahilwen Mistwalker smiles softly and nodded to the man '' Tal Sir''
[16:37] Dreegan Fang: "It would be best if your friend left as quickly as possible."
[16:37] Snapper Hollak peeps outfrom behind the door seeing a man she had seen several times in minus " humm Ive seen you before
[16:38] Snapper Hollak " well then do as you were asked get me on the boat

[16:38] Dreegan Fang: "Follow me."
[16:38] Mahilwen Mistwalker smiles softly '' I will walk with You two''
[16:39] Dreegan Fang crossed his arms over his chest and gestured to the boat with his head. "Here you are, Lady." He then said nothing, but walked away.
[16:40] Snapper Hollak yells ' wow you going to pay the boat man right

[16:40] Mahilwen Mistwalker sighs and shook her head more '' Men!''
[16:41] Snapper Hollak gives Mahi one last hug " dont worry no one will know

[16:41] Mahilwen Mistwalker noddded slightly to her and gives her a hug back '' I am so sorry, I probably have worked my arse to much into the Black caste it seems''
[16:43] Snapper Hollak looks at the ugly boat man turning back to Mahi whispering ' Now if Daved had threatened me with that I might would have come up with something " grins and jumps on the boat " Minus Sir

Some fun rp !!!!!!!!

Snapper Hollak runs up to her brother stoppind dead in her tracks looking at his head she covers her mouth seeing the Ubar she lowers her head goes over behind Lady Delinna its all she can do to keep her mouth from busting out in laughter "
xxxxxxxxx: Ok
xxxxxxxxxx tilt her head a bit "Why is she cryin ? she've broken a nail?"
Snapper Hollak shakes her head " how did that happen to you Brother " and who is this behind you
xxxxxxxxx: Love please gag her before I have Snapper cut her tongue out
xxxxxxxxxxx sigh "Cut my tongue will lower price... and you don't even know this... And my, i'm just a visitor do'nt mind me" laugh

xxxxxxxx: He turns to the girl reaches in his pouch and pulls out his gag securing it tightly around her mouth
Snapper Hollak is thinking they were going to have to find a witch doctor to do a fast mircale whip up of hair growth for men for her brother to have hair for his FC ceromony
xxxxxxxx: My Love take her to the cells and we wil decide what to do with her afterwards
xxxxxxxx: well this girl and her sister thought it would be a good idea to cut my hair before my fc ceremony so i thought i would bring her back
xxxxxxxxxx I need to think of we are going to do with your head before tomorrow
xxxxxxx roll her eye as he talk about her when she do'nt even saw him before. Stretching her leg ad nlightly describing circle with her feet like borred
xxxxxxxx well she is yours now my love ... because i dont want her i mabe i should just kill her instead
xxxxxxxxxx looks at her Love's head saying..."that will suit me just fine Love"
Snapper Hollak whispers to Del " maybe we can see the boiks milker and see if he can pull some fur of of one of them and we can make him a wig
xxxxxxxxxxx trys not to giggle
xxxxxxxxxxx: ((haha))
xxxxxxxxxxx: Snapper what are we going to do with your brother
xxxxxxxxxxxxwatches them walk out of the gates
Snapper Hollak shurgs her shoulder's giggling " he will be your worry after Saturday
xxxxxxxxxx: Let's go to the villiage and see who we can talk to about your brother's hair
Snapper Hollak nods ' yes we do need to
xxxxxxxxxxx: Did you kill her My Love
Snapper Hollak looks at Draven " what did you do with the girl
xxxxxxxxxxx still have her hand over her mouth
xxxxxxxxxx: i took care of it......he says with a grin totally pleased with himself
Snapper Hollak frowns " what do you mean
Snapper Hollak " you didnt did you
xxxxxxxxxxx: if she survives she will be veary lucky......
xxxxxxxxxxxr: very
Snapper Hollak " what did you do with her then
xxxxxxxxxxx: Snapper do not ask a question you do not want an anwser to
Snapper Hollak frowns "but I do want to know
xxxxxxxxxx: Let's get your brother out of the view of everyone else and we can talk about it then
xxxxxxxxxxxx: To the room you two
xxxxxxxxxxxxx: i just binded her gaged her hooded her and then stuck her in that small craft with no supplies and set her out so sea
xxxxxxxx: *shruggs
Snapper Hollak puts her finger to the side of her chin ' you know lady Del he sort of looks handsome with that new hair Style
Snapper Hollak frowns " from the front anyway
delinna Fallen shouts: Let's go to the room you two
Snapper Hollak " Draven dear brother do turn around the back doesnt look so well
delinna Fallen: he is going the wrong way
Snapper Hollak " he must be going back for the girl
Draven Breuer: (splat)
Snapper Hollak giggles
Draven Breuer: *laugh)
Snapper Hollak hugs her brother "
Draven Breuer: *hugs her back*
Draven Breuer: they said i didnt have to wear the hair)
Snapper Hollak: theh going to put some mircal grow on it ?))
delinna Fallen: oh so they got it for you *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
Draven Breuer: yea
Draven Breuer: they didnt treat me bad they just...... raped me
Draven Breuer: witch is bad
Draven Breuer: witch*
Draven Breuer: but no torture
delinna Fallen: That is a good thing
Snapper Hollak looks at Draven " whats rape
delinna Fallen: I was about to say if we couldn't fix it you were going to have to wear a hood tomorrow night
Draven Breuer: *dont worry about it snapper... mabe you should ask delinna
delinna Fallen smiles to Draven..."this is your turn "
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
Snapper Hollak snickers " or we were going to make you a wig from bolisk hair
Draven Breuer: snapper how about you go out into the court yard and chase butterflies or something he ssays scratching the back of his head
Snapper Hollak " I passed the milker while in the village
delinna Fallen passes Out!!!!
delinna Fallen: from laughing too hard sorry Love couldn't help it
Snapper Hollak " why did Del pass out " looking at her laying on the floor
Draven Breuer: shes just tired he says chuckling to himself he leans over and picks her up
Draven Breuer: lmao()
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~

Snapper Hollak frowns " why are you sending me out to the court yard to chase butterflies " you cant explain to me what rape is ?
delinna Fallen: Ok Snapper all I am going to say about rape is thisIt is where a man or a woman forces you to do something against your will
Draven Breuer: perfect .....
Draven Breuer: there thats what it means
delinna Fallen smiles
Draven Breuer: *grins happily
Snapper Hollak raises a brow " SOO everytime you two make me do something I dont want to do and you force me then you are both Rapeing me " she looks at them both ,,
Draven Breuer: * falls over laughing
delinna Fallen: Not in the sense we are talking about Snapper
Snapper Hollak " well you said its where one is forced to do something they dont want to do
Draven Breuer: *he sits up wiping tears from his face*
delinna Fallen shakes her head
delinna Fallen: Ok Love we really need to sit her down and explain this right
Snapper Hollak shurgs her shoulders " Well thats what you said so
delinna Fallen: I was trying to put it delicatly
Draven Breuer: *he covers his brow with his hand .....mabe we should send her to arien and have him explain it to her he says seriously
delinna Fallen: Then she will come back screaming to us
Snapper Hollak frowns " Well Im being raped again I guess I'll go out to the court yard " looks at them both folding both her arms across her chest she huffs at them both and leaves out the door
delinna Fallen: Oh my she is going to ask someone else you know this right
Draven Breuer: ill go get her
Draven Breuer: grabs her arm

Snapper Hollak looks up " what you raped me to come out here to the court yard and catch butterflies
Draven Breuer: come with me he says pulling her along we got to go clear some things up
Snapper Hollak follows behind Draven "

delinna Fallen: Ok Snapper I am going to try to explain this as carefully as I can
Draven Breuer: okay snapper he says still breathing havily from chasing her to the courtyard.....rape is when someone forces sex apon you without concent
Draven Breuer: he blerts out
Snapper Hollak mumbels under her breath " first you rape me to leave then you turn around and rape me to return gees I wish yad make up your minds

delinna Fallen looks to her Love with a look of surprise
Snapper Hollak still frowning since her brothers had never offered to tell her even what sex was she was still confused but nodded at him ,wrinkeing her brows even more she ask "Well Whats Sex
Draven Breuer: shes all your delinna he says walking into the other room
Draven Breuer: i mean the room'' haha
Draven Breuer: ))
delinna Fallen: Sex is when two people who love each other get together and have fun
delinna Fallen: That is what your parents did and then your mother gave birth to you
Draven Breuer: he sits down by the fire being quiet so he can hear the convorsation
delinna Fallen takes a shoe off her foot and throws it at her Love saying...."Thanks"

delinna Fallen: Snapper do you understand what I am saying
Snapper Hollak: /me"s eyes grow wide then tears start falling down her face ' OHH NO YOU MEAN THAT IM GOING TO HAVE A LITTLE BABY THING cause I had fun with Anstead , he makes me laugh and I have fun with him so IM going to have a baby too
delinna Fallen takes a big deep breathe in
delinna Fallen: Snapper please listen carefully to me and anwser my question ok
delinna Fallen: Did Anstead do anything to you inappropriately
Snapper Hollak sniffs " you mean talking and walking and having fun with Anstead im going to have a baby " she starts whelling like a brealling Boisk
Snapper Hollak sniffs ' he kissed me
Draven Breuer: delinna he says walking close to them ..... let me tell her my way
delinna Fallen: Did he touch you in a way to make you feel uncomfortable
delinna Fallen: OK Love
Snapper Hollak shakes her head " no he doesnt make me feel uncomfortable
delinna Fallen folds her arm across her chest
delinna Fallen looks to Draven ..."go ahead Love"
Draven Breuer: takes a deep breath and starts to explain.... you see snapper ...
Snapper Hollak looks up at Draven Sniffing
Draven Breuer: when a man and a woman love each other they have what is called sex when a male sticks his penis inside a girl and well thats how you have a baby ...
Draven Breuer: there
Draven Breuer: i said it
Draven Breuer: *shrugs
Snapper Hollak looks up at Draven " what the heck is a penis where do you keep it Ive never seen you papaw or Arien with one
delinna Fallen starts to laugh and turns her head
Draven Breuer: >he looks to delinna desperate for a word
delinna Fallen gathers herself trying not to laugh
Snapper Hollak looks at Draven and then at Del ' do you have one too do I
delinna Fallen: No Snapper you do not have one
Snapper Hollak " Ohh why not
delinna Fallen: Have you ever see a naked man before
delinna Fallen starts to rub her temples
Snapper Hollak nods " yes when the village revolted and that man came walking up he was naked and had a VERY short third leg Right in the middle I still cant figure out what its for , he surley cant walk with it
Draven Breuer: Dubbles over and laughs uncontrolably slapping his knee his face turns red as he finds it harder to breath
delinna Fallen smiles holding back her laughter..."Well Snapper that very short third leg as you called it is the penis"
delinna Fallen starts to laugh uncontrollably
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
delinna Fallen: ;ol
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
Snapper Hollak gasps " And that little bitty thing gets babys How , its Little and it flops around
Draven Breuer: Hi! ^-^
delinna Fallen: Where is Anstead now Snapper
delinna Fallen says as she is laughing
Snapper Hollak frowns " he had to go on a mission I dont know if he will be back tonight at all
delinna Fallen: ok
Snapper Hollak looks at Draven ' are all penis that little
delinna Fallen: Well Snapper I am sorry but your brother and I are not going to show you how babies are made sorry not going to happen
delinna Fallen turns and starts laughing again
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
Draven Breuer: no he says grinning to his sister.....some of them are bigger or smaller i am sure
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
Draven Breuer: you know that area between your leggs snapper he says bluntly thats where the penis goes
delinna Fallen then turns around with tears in her eyes from laughing so hard
delinna Fallen: Snapper are you understanding what we are trying to say to you
Snapper Hollak looks up at Draven " you mean my cuddybug , that penis goes there well how in the world will I be able to walk around with a penis stuck there
Draven Breuer: OMG!!
delinna Fallen will be right back.
delinna Fallen: Ok I am laughing so hard right now
Draven Breuer: snapper they put the penis in the hole and push in back and forth putting it in and out untill the penis is happy .... then he says after taking a breath he puts his pants back on and its done
Draven Breuer: *shruggs to delinna

delinna Fallen: ((back))
delinna Fallen smile wide
delinna Fallen: Not only is the man happy so it the woman
Snapper Hollak raises a brow ' you mean it can smile and laugh
Snapper Hollak " you mean mine can smile and laugh too " tries looking down at herself " Ive neever heard it laugh or never seen it smile although I do have to admit I cant see it too good "
delinna Fallen: Draven My Love we are not getting anywhere like this we should take her to the villiage or someplace and have them show her

Snapper Hollak looks up " you mean your going to show me a happy laughing penis and a happy laughing Cuddy bug Wow
Draven Breuer: HAHAHAHAHAHAH))

Draven Breuer: okay snapper sence you fail to understand what sex truly is you are aparently going to have to be showed
Draven Breuer: yes del that is a wonderful idea
Snapper Hollak looks up" am I going to like it is it like going to the Theater , Ive heard some of them talking about the Theater
delinna Fallen: Now the key is to find two willing people My Love
Draven Breuer: exactly snapper ... a theater....
Draven Breuer: its not going to be easy i think.....
Snapper Hollak claps her hands " Ohh I get to go to my first Theater show " Ohh boy

delinna Fallen: My LOve I have better plan you know where we go dancing
delinna Fallen: The Anaconda
Draven Breuer: yes he says tilting his head a little confused
delinna Fallen: They have pictures there that show what we are talking about
Draven Breuer: PERFECT
Draven Breuer: let us go
Snapper Hollak is excited to go to her first Theater show to watch a Penis and Cuddy bug laugh

Draven Breuer: i dont see anybody
Draven Breuer: there you are
Snapper Hollak: me either right now
delinna Fallen: Snapper have a look at the pictures and they will show you what we are talking about
delinna Fallen: When you can see of course
Draven Breuer: stands by his love and watches in amusement

Snapper Hollak looks at the first picture she see's a penis with something white on it and a womans mouth pointing " That ant now Cuddybug over there " whats that on that penis she asked
Draven Breuer: .......
Draven Breuer: *stands speachless
Draven Breuer: great idea del he says folding his arms
delinna Fallen: Let her finish looking at the picture My Love
delinna Fallen: There is a picture inside that might help better
Draven Breuer: lets go then
delinna Fallen shouts: Snapper

Snapper Hollak " you told a fib Draven I dont see that penis laughing " she says as she walks up to Draven and Del
Draven Breuer: penises dont laugh
Snapper Hollak looks at the pictures in front of her 'Well you said they got happy if they dont laugh how are they going to be happy
Draven Breuer: look that is what sex is he says pointing to the picture of the two having sex in the middle
delinna Fallen: /meplaces her face in her palms of her hands and shakes her head
Draven Breuer: do you see the white stuff on that girls face there?
Snapper Hollak looks eyes grow wide " YOU mean thats how its done
Draven Breuer: yes
Snapper Hollak looks for the picture her brother is talking about
Snapper Hollak nods " yes what is that her face cream
delinna Fallen laughs

Draven Breuer: yea well..... when the penis is happy it squirts face cream into your cuddybud
Snapper Hollak points to the middle picture ' Yeap you were Right they are teny Tiny penis's and big one two pointing down to the next picture
delinna Fallen: The white stuff is normally inside the woman cuddybud as you put it
delinna Fallen: *GIGGLES* :)~~~~
delinna Fallen: Snapper are you understanding now
Snapper Hollak is finally understanding " OHhhhh so thats what happens when therers a whole lot of grunting going on ,, OHhhh , humm will I have to do that too

delinna Fallen: phew..."No Snapper not if you do not want to"
Draven Breuer: thank god thats over
Snapper Hollak looks at Del" Do women have different sized cuddybugs too do you have to go around checking penis's to see if you get the right size like buying a dress
delinna Fallen: Now if some man forces you to do that that is what is called rape
Snapper Hollak understanding " OHh ,I dont want to be foreced
delinna Fallen: Snapper I am not going to go there with you on that subject

delinna Fallen: So now can we get onto a better subject please

Snapper Hollak smiles " ok now I understand , I always wondered by women ran after men like the way they do NOW I understand

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back in my life and IM GETTING MARRIED !!

Some know that for five years my children were lost to me , NOT because of drugs or things of that nature but because I tried to do on my own what a mother has to do to give her children a life and to give them what they need. There wasnt a day that went by that I didnt think of them or silently at night I would cry for them. Their fathers brother and his family are the ones that made sure that I could not see them nor get them to come live with me. Then a week ago this past Sunday I get a phone call my momma telling me that my middle daughter had called her , she gave me her phone number and I called , I couldnt stop crying , I couldnt speak just to hear her voice on the other end of that phone was heavenly bliss for me. I was SO Happy to learn that she wanted to come be with me and Blaksmith did not hastate one moment we got in the car and drove the hundred and something miles to pick her up , this all comes on the tail winds of our up and coming Marriage , yes Blaksmith and I are getting Married August 21st I really cant believe it myself , I guess Ive gone over , and over , and over and over the wedding plans a thousand times. Sometimes in life you have to go through some REALLY deep shit to get to the top of that Mountain and be able to say IVE MADE IT . Now I get to hear that wonderful word she just loves to yell for no reason at all " MOM AH ,, just like that MOM AH ,, I get to mock her when she yell's for MOM AH , thehheh my Beautiful 17 year old loves the mirror , Im just waiting for it to talk back to her ,, She is ONE MORE LOVEABLE MESS

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Today I had to make a trip with my Momma one that sometimes if we have pets has to be made. It was very hard for my momma Tiffney had been with her for the last seventeen years . there every step of the way with her, where ever my momma was thats where Tiffney was. A companion to the truest since of the word. we knew that sooner or later the time was coming I had told my Momma that I would go with her to help her through this and I did. It really did hurt me to my heart to see my momma hurting but knowing she was doing what was right for her beloved companion. She did get to hold her while they let her pass away and that was very comforting for her at first I dont think they really wanted her to but I made them move out of the way so she could hold Tiffney. We took her home and buried her in my Momma's flower garden with it snowing and the ground was soft which was a good thing for us but not for our shoes black mountain dirt when wet tends to stick to you like glue. Afterwords we went in the house , to help my momma smile a little bit I played a trick on her just wish I had had a camcorder for this one the look on her face is just PRICELESS !!! as some know my momma is just now learning how to get on the computer and to get on the web, Well there is still a lot she doesnt know and most of the time I get a phone call every day about something she cant do or has done wrong on the computer and I either have to go up there and fix her problem or I just try and talk her through it on the phone, thehe she doesnt know how to get to her history, SOoo today while she was in the back side of the house I ran over and pulled up a " Sex Toys for Women " website clicked on it and off real fast so that it would go to history, when she came back in the livingroom she was telling me to check her facebook that something was wrong with it , it was telling her that her account was expired. So like a good daughter I went over to the computer and went to her facebook account which by the way I had put in her " Favorite box " and then she asked me to go into her history and find a site she had gone to last week ,and Of course I did and clicked on todays history and Yeap you guessed it " Sex Toys for Women" website was there , Her eyes got as Big as a hubcap on a cadalic she made the remark " HOW Did that Get there I Didnt put that there " by this time Im going on at her about her going to a Sex toy sight and telling her you just wait IM TELLING , Then I clicked on the link and of course it brought up all them toys and MAN if you could have just Seen the look on her Face my stomach is still hurting from laughing so much at her, her remark then was " OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!" by this time Im in the floor rolling still telling her Im going to tell everybody she was on a Sex toy sight , and she is Still trying to figure out how that got there Cause she didnt do it. theeheh I finally told her I had done it , She got a good laugh for a while although she said she was going to Kick my rear end, If anyone here would like to send her a sympathy hug for the lose of her Beloved Pet Tiffney you can at ennis.irene@gmail.com it would really make her feel better.[link] in memory of Tiffney